Ages 15 To 18

Art Outside the Gallery

Art Outside the Gallery explores art made outside the traditional idea of "art." Instead of focusing on creating art intended to be inside a gallery, this course will tackle mural art, the art and history behind tattoos, cartoons and comics, and automatic drawing. Using a variety of mediums, this course will introduce students to spray paint, ink, collage, and stencils.

Registration and withdrawal deadline: July 17 2017

Course Code: ESYP-0402   [Course is Completed]

Instructor: Jenn Carson

Site: P203, 1107 Marginal Road

Date / Time:   Jul 24 - Jul 28, Mon to Fri 9:00am-4:00pm   (5 sessions)

Tuition: $ 295 + HST + HST

BW Photography

Learn the art of black and white film photography including the proper use of a manual 35mm camera, and will develop their own negatives and prints in a fully equipped darkroom. The course begins with activities to familiarize and build confidence in the areas of understanding exposure, controlling the camera, composing the shot, and developing the negative and final print. Following this, participants will propose and work through a final independent series based on their own interests and ideas. Beginner and intermediate students are welcome.

Registration and withdrawal deadline: July 24 2017

Course Code: ESYP-0445   [Course is Completed]

Instructor: Katherine Nakaska

Site: D390, 5163 Duke Street

Date / Time:   Jul 31 - Aug 04, Mon to Fri 9:00am-4:00pm   (5 sessions)

Tuition: $ 310 + HST + HST

Intro to Sewing and Fashion Design

Discover and explore the process of fashion design and construction while learning basic sewing and garment assembly skills. Students will build and develop a mock collection by considering colour, fabric, shape and feel to assemble mood boards depicting their choices and design ideas. Students will shape their potential fashion collection and develop their presentation skills by having a critique session. Learning of all the steps taken when developing a fashion collection from scratch! Students will learn basic machine and hand sewing skills, including but not limited to, straight sewing, straight seams, curved seams, pocket assembly, zipper application, hemming and seam finishing. These skills will then be applied to the construction of a garment using a commercial pattern. Each student will finish the week with a completed mood board, a sewing sample book, a sample project and a garment sewn by them!

Registration and withdrawal deadline: July 10 2017

Course Code: ESYP-0466   [Course is Completed]

Instructor: Elliot Mussett

Site: P202, 1107 Marginal Road

Date / Time:   Jul 17 - Jul 21, Mon to Fri 9:00am-4:00pm   (5 sessions)

Tuition: $ 295 + HST + HST

Create your own Animation

Students explore the foundations of animation through a variety of hands-on experiences, demonstrations, and exercises. Students create a character that they will scan and animate using Adobe Photoshop an After Effects. Concepts covered are keyframing properties, precomposing and motion capture. We will have a group in-class screening of animation completed in each exercise at the end of class.

Registration and withdrawal deadline: August 14 2017

Course Code: ESYP-0467   [Course is Completed]

Instructor: Sam Decoste

Site: A001, 1649 Brunswick Street

Date / Time:   Aug 21 - Aug 25, Mon to Fri 9:00am-4:00pm   (5 sessions)

Tuition: $ 295 + HST + HST

Comics and Zine Making: Camp Edition

This special camp edition of Comics and Zine-making for teens 15-18 is designed as a condensed preparation for the Dartmouth Comics Art Festival. Students will explore individual and collaborative comic-making and learn photocopy processes that will enable them to create simple but effective zine publications. Cartooning (graphic novels, manga, etc.) will be emphasized through improvised comic jam, a fun and challenging process where the entire class draws one comic simultaneously. Using common and inexpensive materials, such as printer paper, pens, and even dental foss, students will learn simple photocopying and binding techniques through creating two additional comic zines. Students are welcome to attend and distribute their zines as part of the class table at the Dartmouth Comic Arts Festival on Sunday, August 13th. Zines are a unique medium for self-expression with endless possibilities, so all skill levels and styles of drawing are welcome. All materials will be provided, but students are encouraged to bring any preferred drawing materials with which they are already familiar.

Registration and withdrawal deadline: August 01 2017

Course Code: ESYP-0468   [Course is Completed]

Instructor: Kyle Bridgett

Site: P203, 1107 Marginal Road

Date / Time:   Aug 08 - Aug 11, Tue to Fri 9am-4pm   (4 sessions)

Tuition: $ 240 + HST + HST

Everything Botany

The outdoors is a wonderful place, full of inspiration and possibilities. This class will explore different mediums and techniques that include the wonders of the natural world. We will be going on field trips to the Halifax Public Gardens and local parks, such as Point Pleasant Park to collect, discover, discuss, and learn about the natural botanicals that grow in our home city. Students will document their findings and collect samples so they can include them in classroom projects. Classroom projects will include papermaking, printmaking, collage, watercolor and large-scale drawing.

Registration and withdrawal deadline: August 08 2017

Course Code: ESYP-0470   [Course is Completed]

Instructor: Carrie Allison-Goodfellow

Site: P207, 1107 Marginal Road

Date / Time:   Aug 14 - Aug 18, Mon to Fri 9:00am-4:00pm   (5 sessions)

Tuition: $ 295 + HST + HST

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