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Learn how to make your own customized ArtistıBooks, Journals, Notebooks and Albums. Byıadapting historic models from the Asain,ıEgyptian and European traditions you will learnıto make your own books suited for your artisticıprojects; whether you are a photographer,ıprintmaker, textile artist, or writer, you canıadapt these projects to exactly fit yourıprojects. The letterpress equipment in the DawsonıPrintshop will be used to print unique titleıpages or decorative covers for the final project,ıwhich will be a hard cover book suitable as aıdiary or studio journal. Tuition includes paperıand binding materials for four in-class projects,ı(notebook, concertina binding, Coptic binding andıhardcover journal). Bring scissors, ruler, andıpencil to the first class. Students provideıspecial papers, if desired.ııClass limit is 12.

Registration and withdrawal deadline: September 25 2017

Course Code: ESCR-0111   [Register Now]

Instructor: Joe Landry

Site: N100, 5163 Duke Street

Date / Time:   Sep 26 - Nov 07, T 6:30pm-9:30pm 17/09/26 for 7wks   (7 sessions)

Tuition: $ 275 + HST

Introduction to Letterpress Printing

Unlike many obsolete technologies, letterpressıhasn't vanished. Letterpress has been seized uponıby artists, and has been transformed into a 21stıCentury art-making medium. There?s a letterpressıresurrection going on, and you can be part of it.ıIn this introductory course, you will learn typeısetting by hand, locking up, Vandercook pressıbasics, and ink modification; you will also learnıabout paper as a receptacle for printing.ııClass Limit is 15.

Registration and withdrawal deadline: September 25 2017

Course Code: ESCR-0121   [Register Now]

Instructor: Katherine Taylor

Site: N100, 5163 Duke Street

Date / Time:   Sep 27 - Nov 08, W 6:30pm-9:30pm 17/09/27 for 7wks   (7 sessions)

Tuition: $ 275 + HST

NEW Altered Book

The dynamic relationship between art and words is vast, each one sparking inspiration for the other. Participants will explore the stories in their art, and the art stirred from the sharing and telling of both personal writing and old favourites. Class limit is 15.

Registration and withdrawal deadline: October 10 2017

Course Code: ESCR-0134   [Register Now]

Instructor: Evie Dunville

Site: P214, 1107 Marginal Road

Date / Time:   Oct 16 - Nov 27, M 6:30pm-9:30pm 17/10/16 for 7wks (no class Nov 13)   (7 sessions)

Tuition: $ 250 + HST

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