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DRAWING (Intermediate)


NEW Portraits Reinvented

This non-traditional portrait drawing class will explore a variety of ways to express: -a feeling -a metaphor -a risk -a narrative -a collection -an assemblage -a fiction -a collaging of ideas We will explore a mix-media approach to representational issues-augmented by slide and printed matter presentations of visual examples culled from art history. This drawing class will continue the practice of observational concerns and drawing skills. Prerequisite: one introductory drawing or painting course. Class limit is 15.

Registration and withdrawal deadline: September 21 2017

Course Code: ESDR-0220   [Register Now]

Instructor: Michael Fernandes

Site: P208, 1107 Marginal Road

Date / Time:   Sep 28 - Nov 09, Th 6:30pm-9:30pm 17/09/28 for 7wks   (7 sessions)

Tuition: $ 280 + HST

Intermediate Drawing (daytime)

In this course students continue to develop the skills they learned in Introductory Drawing to create the illusion of reality on a flat surface with expression and beauty. Studies in still life and the nude figure continue, in addition to experiments with a variety of media and technique and new challenges. Bring pencils (B range), kneaded eraser, white eraser, newsprint pad (approx. 18x24”), compressed charcoal and two bulldog clips to the first class. Class limit is 20.

Registration and withdrawal deadline: September 20 2017

Course Code: ESDR-0222   [Register Now]

Instructor: Patrick Burgomaster

Site: P210, 1107 Marginal Road

Date / Time:   Sep 27 - Nov 08, W 1:30pm-4:30pm 17/09/27 for 7wks   (7 sessions)

Tuition: $ 210.00 + HST

NEW Special Projects from a Figure Drawing Narrative

This course will explore various modes of figure drawing with specific goals in presentation, execution and genres within the figure drawing aesthetic. We will explore ways to develop and enhance pre-established figurative drawing skills. Students will work from live models as well as from past masters in order to increase their skills and appreciation in figurative drawing. Topics will begin with descriptive drawing in both line and tonal formats and ideas in expressive and abstracted forms will be introduced.Please bring newsprint, conte, charcoal, erasers, bulldog clips and a rag to the first class.

Registration and withdrawal deadline: September 20 2017

Course Code: ESDR-0223   [Register Now]

Instructor: Patrick Rapati

Site: P207, 1107 Marginal Road

Date / Time:   Sep 27 - Nov 15, W 6:30pm-9:30pm 17/09/27 for 7wks (NOTE no class on Oct 18)   (7 sessions)

Tuition: $ 280 + HST

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