DIY Video Production

The production of a short film/video is often considered a typical first stage for beginning filmmakers (or as a viable form of storytelling and personal expression). This workshop series will look at how to develop a story, a shot list and a storyboard. It will experiment with directing, cinematography and screenwriting. It will work toward building a bigger and better film language and screen grammar. This course introduces students to many of the methods, tools and techniques of independent short film/video production. This course will explore dramatic (narrative), documentary and experimental approaches to working with moving images in film and video. Students will be exposed to how cinema is used as a field of creative expression and will be encouraged to explore their ideas. Using discussions, class critiques, class demonstrations, movie excerpts and outside class assignments students will learn about the process of moving forward with their own film production plans.

Registration and withdrawal deadline: January 17 2018

Course Code: ESMA-0121   [Register Now]

Instructor: David Middleton

Site: A206, 1649 Brunswick Street

Date / Time:   Jan 24 - Mar 07, W 6:30pm-9:30pm 18/01/24 for 7wks   (7 sessions)

Tuition: $ 295 + HST

Intro to Adobe Premiere

This hands on, studio class will survey different practices and approaches to digital video production. Each student will create and complete a short video project for the class. Methods for visually manipulating found footage will be demonstrated. Using industry grade software, students will be shown how to build a video project, technically as well as conceptually, communicate a narrative, work with mash-ups, apply special effects, voice overs, transitions and more. Students are required to bring their own, Mac compatible, external memory device to the first class (minimum recommended free storage space - 500 GB) Class Limit 8 Tuition includes 10 weeks of access outside of class for homework during times scheduled in cooperation with Multimedia staff.

Registration and withdrawal deadline: January 18 2018

Course Code: ESMA-0122   [Register Now]

Instructor: Aviv Dror

Site: N320C, 5163 Duke Street

Date / Time:   Jan 25 - Mar 29, Th 6:00pm-9:00pm 18/01/25 for 10wks   (10 sessions)

Tuition: $ 350 + HST

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