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In this introductory screenwriting course, students will be guided through the creative and technical process of developing a screenplay. Using discussions, class critiques, and movie excerpts, students will explore the structure of television and film scripts from simple formatting, characterizations and blocking, right up to complex recursive plot structure. Students will develop a 30-minute script, suitable for use as a portfolio submission. Class limit is 15.

Registration and withdrawal deadline: September 20 2017

Course Code: ESFI-0111   [Register Now]

Instructor: David Middleton

Site: P202, 1107 Marginal Road

Date / Time:   Sep 27 - Nov 08, W 6:30pm-9:30pm 17/09/27 for 7wks   (7 sessions)

Tuition: $ 250 + HST

Intro to Adobe Premiere

In this course students will learn the concepts behind basic video editing, which encompasses file structure, capturing footage, constructing a project, basic workflow, file types and codecs, exporting a finished video, as well as the theoretical and aesthetic principals behind editing. Working with footage provided, students will come away with a 2-5 minute fully edited video.ııClass Limit 12.ııTuition includes 7 weeks of access outside of class for homework during times scheduled in cooperation with Multimedia staff.

Registration and withdrawal deadline: September 20 2017

Course Code: ESMA-0122   [Register Now]

Instructor: Aviv Dror

Site: N320F, 5163 Duke Street

Date / Time:   Sep 27 - Nov 29, W 6:00pm-9:00pm 17/09/27 for 10wks   (10 sessions)

Tuition: $ 350 + HST

DIY Documentary

Access to inexpensive and high quality tools has enabled people to explore subjects and ideas in new and exciting ways. The documentary form has never been so popular. Participants will learn about the art of non-fiction filmmaking over seven weeks while creating a short digital film. From an introduction to the documentary types and styles, to writing, through the interview process, capturing B-roll, and the post-production process, we will explore how stories are told in engaging and informative ways.ııClass limit is 12.

Registration and withdrawal deadline: September 18 2017

Course Code: ESMA-0126   [Register Now]

Instructor: Walter Forsyth

Site: N320C, 5163 Duke Street

Date / Time:   Sep 25 - Nov 27, M 6:00pm-9:00pm 17/09/25 for 8wks (no class Oct 9 and Nov 13)   (8 sessions)

Tuition: $ 280.00 + HST

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